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Heritage bus tours of Arvida and Kénogami!

Interested by built heritage? Come and explore the streets of the former company towns of Kénogami and Arvida, with a tour guide, on a comfortable tourist bus. The visits are available for groups, upon reservation only. For more info, call 418.695.7278.

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Gift shop

The Sir William Price Heritage Centre, in cooperation with la Corporation des métiers d’art du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, has a gift shop offering souvenirs of your visit. In it you will find local hand-made creations, as well as products featuring the insignia of Kénogami’s centennial and the Sir William Price Heritage Center.

Vue d'ensemble boutique Objets promotionnels, Touverre, Le Tourne’bois et Céline Giroux In Vitro et À moi de moi Complètement carton, Claudie Villeneuve et Terrain Vague

Kenogami walking tour

The Sir William Price Heritage Centre offers a walking tour of the former company town of Kénogami, through historic neighbourhoods housing management and workers, including several heritage buildings figuring in the city’s evolution and development. Wander the streets of the English neighbourhood and the workers’ quarter of the old town, following a self-guided tour. On this walk you will discover the area’s past, its heritage buildings and its green spaces.

Reservation is required for this walking tour.

Circuit : ruelle C-14-56C-17-11

Historical calendar

Each year the Sir William Price Heritage Centre publishes a calendar with a historical theme recalling, in pictures and words, pleasant memories and striking passages of former days, with an emphasis on a sector or theme of the city of Saguenay. Its content will appeal to history enthusiasts, and those who are looking for an attractive item to hang on their wall for the coming year. Consider that this publication constitutes an important source of revenue for the history centre, and that purchasing this historical calendar enables our institution to do better in terms of promoting and publicizing our heritage which, to our eyes, is the basis of our identity.

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Contact Info

1994, rue Price, C.P. 2314
Jonquière (Québec) G7X 7X8

Téléphone : (418) 695-7278
Télécopieur : (418) 695-7172