Lots of water under the bridge, memories of the 1996 flood

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Image DÉLUGE web

Heavily affected by the 1996 flood, Jonquière still bears wounds from this tragedy. From July 1st to August 31st, 2016, discover a temporary exhibition on the cycling road from Jonquière to Kénogami. The exhibition displays archive photos, text excerpts as well as a projection about the Jonquière library. It is inspired by Street Art Stickers: the text is on paper and will disappear upon rainfall.

Chain grinding wheel from the Kénogami mill

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Image MEULE web2
Meule en 3D web 1

An industrial artefact from another era, a grinding wheel is displayed in the centre of Kénogami, on the corner of Roi-Georges and Sainte-Famille Streets, reminding us of a time where pulp was made at the Kénogami paper mill. By reading the interpretation panels, discover the wheel’s importance in the process of fabricating paper.

From Faith to History

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Chapelle redimensionnée
Chapelle 1924

The St. James the Apostle chapel is a jewel of architectural heritage. Its history is told in three parts: firs serving the Anglican and Evangelical communities, then as a museum.

From Faith to History is an exhibit regarding the identity and the life of a dynamic community.

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