The life and works of Sir William Price in six scenes

Permanent exhibition

Held from 1997 to 2011, this exhibition described the extraordinary saga of the family Price, beginning with their ancestor’s arrival in Quebec. It was in 1810 that William Price landed in Quebec City and, eleven years later,  founded the William Price Company. An astute entrepreneur, he specializes in forestry and the timber trade, areas in which he becomes very successful. However, it’s his foray to the Saguenay in 1838 that will allow Price to become one of the leading businessmen of his time.

With the founding of William Price & Sons Company, he gradually retires in order to pass the reins of the new company to his sons, David Edward, William Evan and Evan John. The latter turns to his nephew William Price III to insure succession. When he becomes head of Price Brothers & Company Limited, the future Sir William Price opts for the production of pulp, paper and cardboard at his Jonquière mill. In order to further distinguish himself in the international arena, he establishes the company town of Kénogami in 1911, and builds a large pulp and paper mill there. Through his investments in this thriving industry, William Price III is set to become one of the most influential businessmen in Canada, and this until his tragic death in October 1924.

Paper Empire

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Exposition Empire de papierThe Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region bears the traces of a rich industrial history. The great adventure that is pulp and paper has greatly contributed to shaping our landscape and our identity.

However, like any other industry, forestry is constantly changing, marked by highs and lows, straight lines and crossroads. A little review of the past shows how creativity is essential to the sustainability of this industry.

Local heritage: the passage of time

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Patrimoine d'ici : passage du tempsAs part of Saguenay, Cultural Capital of Canada 2010, visitors were invited to view this exhibition featuring plans of the houses in Kénogami, the first company town in the Saguenay. These houses are the traces of the creation of Kénogami, a unique municipality having been planned for the well-being of the workers and managers of Price Brothers Company. Using a few plans, the exhibition sheds light on the heritage that these houses represent, serving as an inspiration to renovate and enhance a heritage home, respecting its ancestry.

Arvida: American invasion of the Saguenay

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Exposition Arvida: invasion américaine au SaguenayThe temporary exhibition, Arvida: American invasion of the Saguenay, presented historical photographs relating to the development of the commercial, recreational and institutional infrastructure in the former company town of Arvida. The exhibition illustrated the daily life of citizens of the time, showing the business district, schools, sports teams, cultural activities and places of worship. It allowed one to discover a former company town unique in North America while recalling various memories of people who still maintain their pride in being from Arvida. The temporary exhibition, translated into English, was held in 2009.

Jonquière: the lost downtown

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Exposition Jonquière : le centre-ville perduThe temporary exhibition, Jonquière: the lost downtown, displayed several unique photographs depicting various periods in the development of downtown Jonquière. The exhibition illustrated, through the streets, buildings and places that have marked its history, the growth of this urban sector, as well as its decline starting in the 1970s. Thus, we discover the causes responsible for the decline of the downtown area, once bustling and busy. The exhibition was presented in 2007 and 2008.

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