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Educational program

Indoor Exhibition "Work on Paper", portraits of Price Brothers Company's workers, brings back the experience of thousands employees that were key artisan of the pulp and paper dominion. Managers from Price Brothers Company rewarded their workers with a pastel portrait production program. These portraits were produced by Kathleen Shackleton and Francesco Lacurto, two renowned portratists.

Men of paper

Come and discover the day to day of the Price Brothers company employees between from 1930 until 1960. The activity will end with a giant snakes and ladders game covering the history of Kenogami.

On booking, for first and second primary school years. 

Duration : 60min

Employees of Price Brothers. Sir William Price Heritage Center

Pieces of history

Discover local History! Quizmaster will sadly “forget” few items from our exhibition and students will have to help him. Students will discover bits and pieces of local history on their own following tracks and informations. This visit will be a continuous collaboration between students and guides. 

On booking, from the third to six primary school year. 

Duration : 60min

Work in the forest. Source : Sir William Price Heritage Center

From Faith to History

Outdoor exhibition “From Faith to History” is focusing on local identity and heritage. It reminds us the history of St-James the Apostle chaple, masterpiece of Jonquiere Heritage and witness to the Anglican presencein our region. This activity, easily combined to our indoor exhibit, can entertain up to 50 students.

From May until October (for primary school student, Requires booking)

Duration: 60min



The exhibition From Faith to History. Source : Sir William Price Heritage Center

Downtown Kenogami Interpretive Circuit

With one of our guide, follow the historical circuit inside old Kenogami that brings you to heritage sites and buildings. VIsit can be completed on foot or by bus. This activity, easily combined to our indoor exhibit, can entertain up to 50 students.

From May to October

Duration : 60min

Kénogami in 1913. Source : Source : Centre d'histoire Sir William Price